5 great ideas for a Bachelor Party
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5 great ideas for a Bachelor Party

There are legends about bachelor parties. This crazy night has become the subject of more than one blockbuster hit. How can this night become a once in a lifetime memory for the groom and his friends? Here is a couple of reliable ideas!

Club fun

klubowa zabawa

Our first suggestion is a real classic. One of the most popular ways to spend a bachelor party is having fun at some of the best nightclubs. A group of young bachelors wandering through the party streets is a popular sight in every major city. Loud music, strong alcohol and beautiful girls on the dance floor guarantee great fun. If the groom and his companions are fans of a hot, club atmosphere, they will certainly feel great during the entire evening. But remember that not everyone likes this type of entertainment, you should keep this in mind while planning your bachelor party.

Extreme entertainment

skok na bungeeThis next idea is perfect for the thrill-seeker types. Is the thrill of emotion, adrenaline rush and danger something you’re into? Be sure to have some fun in a more extreme way. What does this mean? Bungee jumping, parachuting, flying a glider or maybe paragliding? It’s entertainment that will surely remain in the memory of the bachelor. Make sure, however, that none of the guests suffer from a fear of heights. For amateurs who are somewhat calmer, but still like quite extreme entertainment we offer fun in escape rooms, haunted houses or on the go-kart track. Naturally, once everyone has “survived” the extreme evening, you will have to celebrate it. 🙂

Tram Party

Our third idea has been a real hit for the past few months. Tram party is an option that combines the advantages of all the best ideas. During one party you can go for specific entertainment (for example, go-karts), then hop on the party tram where you can drink alcohol to the beat of your favorite hits and explore the most attractive places of the old town. Once your party mood has reached its peak you’ll be able to move the party to the club where you will definitely have fun till dawn. The advantages of this attraction are firstly its versatility – everyone will find something for themselves and great organization – you don’t have to worry about anything. The company that organizes the Tram Party will take care of everything for you, of course besides having fun.

Unforgettable House Party

If none of the previous suggestions suit you, you are probably just a fan of having a good time at home. There’s nothing wrong with that, we understand perfectly – not everyone wants to party in crowded places, full of strangers. That is why the organization of a house party can be a great idea! A precise list of guests, delicious food, good alcohol and a lot of attractions is the recipe for a perfect party. Remember, you can spice up any night. It all depends on your likes and fantasies.


survivalOur last suggestion is for the exceptionally brave bachelors. An unforgettable event, which only the strongest will survive? Sounds like a script from a horror movie. In practice, however, it can be great fun for guys, during which they will need to fight for survival. A night in a military training area? Orienteering or maybe a night mountain hike? There are many options, just remember to never bite more than you can chew! This is an activity for guys with a rather good condition.