Birthday party on a tram
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Birthday party on a tram

A birthday – no matter if it’s a 20th or 50th birthday, should be properly celebrated. Regardless of age, a person wants to feel exceptional on this day and most importantly – young!

What to keep in mind?

What are the basic rules to keep in mind when organizing your birthday party? First of all, we should spend this day with our favorite friends. Nothing will make us feel better than a weekend with friends. Our birthday is often a time of reflection and an opportunity to appreciate what’s best in life and no doubt it’s the people surrounding us. On this special day, it’s important to make sure you have a crazy and fun time – birthdays should be a carefree and relaxed time.

Tram – a good inspiration?

When looking for inspiration for a unique birthday, it’s difficult finding “something new and fresh”. The most commonly chosen ways to spend this day are parties in clubs, barbecues, dinner with friends – these solutions are safe and always work but why not make your special day even more exceptional and spice it up for ex. by spending it on board a party tram?

For several years now you can see the craziest tram in the country on the streets of one of the most beautiful Polish cities – Cracow. Every year the TramParty team hosts even more birthdays for guests who wish to spend their birthday in an unusual and original way – having fun to the rhythm of their favorite hits on a tram travelling through the city at night. TramParty events combine what’s best: they are closed parties which allow you to spend a fantastic evening with your closest friends, they take place in an unusual setting – historic tram, twinkling lights, great music and beautiful Cracow surrounding you in the nightlight as passer-buys greet you with a smile when seeing the party tram go by. It is important that our guest feels extra special on their birthday – the tram party can always be adjusted to fit individual preferences or ideas. To emphasize the uniqueness of this evening, the TramParty team can provide guests with a red carpet entrance on board the tram, a confetti and decorate the vehicle in a specific way, including displaying a selected password on the screen so that the entire city of Cracow can see today is your birthday. It is also possible to prepare snacks and guests can also make their own playlist with all of the host’s favorite songs. To add some craziness to the night, there is also the possibility of doing a theme party with interesting, fun gadgets. There is many possibilities for how to spice up your night on board the party tram. The TramParty team is ready to bend over backwards to meet the expectations of customers. If you still don’t have any idea for your birthday party, organize it with us!