Bachelor Party in the Tram – Tram party Krakow
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Stag party in Krakow

Bachelor party is the night, which should always be in the memory of the future groom. Stag in the tram will provide an unforgettable experience, guaranteed fun for all participants of the event. Above all is the main hero of the night, because this is one of those events that are unlikely to happen again.

Proven bachelor party!

There are many proven ways to spend your bachelor party, repeated from year to year, often from the convenience or lack of more most original ideas. It is, however, very carefully planned this fateful last night of freedom. We realized that Krakow is becoming more and more desirable place to spend this special evening and attracts other groups who are thirsty for parties impressions.
For several years in Krakow’s market, there is a fantastic alternative for all bachelors who wish to spend the last evening of freedom unusually. We are talking about events on board the most twisted tram in the city, traversing the streets of old Krakow, which is equipped with the modern sound system, disco lights, and smoke generators. Guests while going into the interior of this incredible machine often have no idea what to expect, but after a while when the tram moves and they hear the first sounds of music, see the lights flashing around, they already understand that they are in the right place and this night will not let them down. So this is the perfect way to surprise the future groom or his friends, depending on who is the organizer of this crazy evening.

Make a stag party as a Tram party!

The greatest advantage of the Tram Party is the fact that this is a private party, which allows prospective groom spend an excellent time with their loved ones, carefully selected friends. Men can be so crazy with the music but also remain a “freedom time” of the bachelor.
Another significant advantage is the ability to adapt a Tram Party events to suit your needs and preferences. The team Tram Party puts primarily on the satisfaction of the future groom and his guests, and thus Tram Party does its best to refine the details of the event to meet the highest expectations. There are many ideas how to spice up even more evening in a tram. One proven solution is to prepare a special playlist of favorite songs At the entrance to the tram the groom will walk on the red carpet, and a unique password will be displayed on the screen of the tram, girls dance show, themed gadgets, confetti, and refreshments. There is also the possibility of substitution of the tram at the selected location, which may have to wait for anything unsuspecting for the main hero of the event. The tram can also be appropriately adorned. In fact, the limit is only the imagination of the organizers.
To not make men worry about the perpetuation of this very special night at the pictures, they are also the service of a professional photographer provided.

The team TramParty people are full of passion for what they do. It is thanks to every event we do individually, taking care of the smallest details and trying our best to meet customer expectations. Thanks to a very good knowledge of Krakow, we also serve as a means for selecting additional attractions accompanying party TramParty. We offer the organization or dinner afterparty in the best venues in the city.

So if you are among future young gentlemen who want to say goodbye to his stereotypical bachelorhood way, it TramParty is just for you.

“There are several events in life that the second time will not happen: eighteen, prom, wedding (at least as it should be). Before the latter, a bachelor party is waiting for you, which can already occupy your head. Will it be an unforgettable adventure? I already own I’ve had (unfortunately). Fashionelka wrote his thoughts about the perfect bachelorette party. I experienced a few evenings of my friends. Based on this experience (lots of laughter, fun and mega morning hangovers) I have prepared a list of 9 points to help you embrace the best pepper in your life. We drive! ”

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